Google Web Elements: Add Interactivity to Your Website

Update (7/1/2012) : This post is updated to reflect changes and the addition of web interactivity elements. All interactivity features provided by Google are now grouped under Google Web Elements. Visit its official for the most recent news and addition.

Google never fail to mesmerize us with its lightweight, useful products. If you have a personal blog or website that is dedicated to promote your business, Google always has something to offer. Having interactive map that shows exactly where your restaurant for example, will definitely sway your potential customers to take a closer look at your local store or restaurant.

If you are a singer, you can incorporate Google Calendar that can easily show your schedule of your next performance, gathering with your fans etc right from your blog.

As this article is updated, there are 14 useful products that can be used by webmaster to further enhance their websites.

1. Map

Maps Element allow your users to search for places on a Google map without leaving your site. This is useful especially when your potential customers are looking for direction to your store.

Google web element - Map

2. Calendar

Google Calendar

Calendar element can show visitors important event, dates, appointments, reservations and more. Not only visitors know what event is going to happen next but they can also learn the details of the event (whereabouts, who’s got invited etc).

3. Checkout

Checkout element

Checkout allows average webmaster little to no knowledge about scripting a secured shopping cart or checkout feature to fully take advantage of Checkout element. Combined with Google Doc spreadsheets you can easily create an online store.

4. Conversation element

Conversation element

Conversation element allows your visitors to comments on your site or join in global Google Friend Connect conversations. The best thing about it is that message sent will be automatically translated into a visitor’s preferred language right away.

There are 10 more products as follow:

Google Web Elements

Be sure to check Google Web Elements website for more information.

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