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Most of you already know and familiar with fragmented disk that can slow down your computer speed. There are however, few other contributing factors towards this problem starting from trojan viruses that are good at making our computer as part of a zombie army, hard disk problem, fragmented registry and the list goes on. In this post I’m going to dwell on fragmented registry.

How fragmented registry occur?

As you install and remove programs, change settings, etc. you are creating registry entries. These bits and settings remain in your registry long after software is changed or removed. They sit there, even if they are just empty folders. Problem is, your CPU is looking in those folders for information it needs to run every operation in the computer.

100 empty folders, 100 useless empty things to look in during every move your computer makes. So the speed you gain is not processor speed, or application speed. Hence, it is an increase in the amount of time (in milisecond) that the computer takes to access the Windows Registry.

So, here are 2 softwares/freebies that will help you in defragmenting your registry and boost up your computer performance.

1. AusLogics Registry Defrag

AusLogics Registry Defrag is another brilliant and FREE product from Auslogic to improve your computer’s performance. It has been around the internet for some time and I just knew about this free utilities quite recently.

Basically there are 3 steps in the whole process:

1. The system registry will be analyzed and the level of fragmentation will be checked.
2. The results will be shown afterwards and you may decide whether to take action or not. The report includes the speed of the registry access after defragmentation and how much the registry size can be compressed.
3. The computer will be automatically restarted after the scanning process is completed.

This piece of useful program works just as well as paid-for programs and it’s a nice addition to your maintenance utilities.

2. RegDefrag

It’s a freeware utility to defrag registry and just recently launched. Quicksys RegDefrag is small (roughly 900 kB)and easy to use. This tool cleanup all important registry and it also provides the necessary tune up a computer needs without modifying any registry entries. Once initiated, it doesn’t take long to analyze the fragmented registry. After the analysis is completed you will be asked to restart the PC. For what is worth, this program doesn’t start when you start your computer.

From me: I’ve been using AusLogic Registry Defrag for several weeks and it works like a charm. RegDefrag as said previously, is relatively new. I had run it twice. During the first run, my laptop freezed up but I suspected it was due to memory-hogging programs that run simultaneously. Anyway I just learnt that during the registry scan it freeze for a brief moment (so does AusLogics Registry Defrag).

For the sake of your computer well being, those 2 freewares are highly recommended.

No other programs should be running during scan and you will be asked for a reboot after everything is completed.

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