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BitDefender Internet Security is one of the latest in internet security systems that are constantly updated to defend one’s system against viral and other malicious attacks. It is similar to an industrial size security set up for one’s home, as that is its power.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2012

A spot of mythology

BitDefender Internet Security has the logo of a Dacian Wolf and this picture is worth a thousand words of what this security system does to unwanted intruders into the property guarded by this wolf. Myth has it that this half wolf and half dragon struck terror in the hearts of ancient people when it whistled the wind through its mouth. Many ancient troops carried the banner with this wolf as their symbol just to encourage themselves with a similar spirit and strike terrors in the minds of their enemies. As a parody, the creators of this software convey the message that one can consider himself armed by such a fierce creature if he uses BitDefender Internet Security system to guard his computer.


BitDefender Internet Security guards a system against adware, Trojans, key loggers and browser hijackers as these are the most common categories. There is a particular technique which is used by hackers and this is called DLL (dynamic-link library) code injection, a means in which the hacker injects a code to read the contents of files that hold passwords. BitDefender Internet Security uses an intrusion detective tool that helps in identifying such hackers and they even give out warnings when they find a website to be a phishing website. It stops hackers from changing system files and registry keys and altering memory space as well.

A unique feature about BitDefender Internet Security is that it identifies programs trying to compromise its working on the computer. This security suite encrypts any email or chat that goes out from it in order to enhance security and eliminate spam mail from one’s online accounts.


Many third party certifiers have certified that virus identification and elimination are excellently handled by BitDefender Internet Security and these certifications speak eloquently about its capability more than expected level of malware detection. This is because BitDefender Internet Security scans all incoming, outgoing mail, attachments and even content that can be viewed on the internet. This helps the software identify risky websites and avoid risk to the computer.

Bitdefender Internet Security - Antivirus

Bitdefender Internet Security - Antivirus

BitDefender Internet Security has been certified by a Germany-based AV-Test and came out with top scores since it offers protection on three levels when fighting virus. Its first level is called virus signatures which BitDefender Internet Security collects from the web for which there are cures. The second level is to identify those with no known remedy and quarantines them in a place where it attempts to heal those that can be healed. If the identified software is healed, it is allowed to work in the system along with other programs, otherwise it deletes the piece or quarantines them forever. The third level is to watch every program currently being executed on the computer and monitor them for malware. And this is a continuous process.


There is a two-way firewall present in this BitDefender Internet Security and it connects via a Wi-Fi service to allow a person success both at work and home. The firewall from this security suite allows a person to safely access his home computer files from anywhere without the danger of Trojans and other spyware or virus getting in. it is an unwise practice that many gamers do, to turn off the security system in order to play more games on the internet. For such cases, it makes no difference even if they have the BitDefender Internet Security or not.

BitDefender Internet Security - Firewall

Other Security/Features

One of the chief features of security from BitDefender Internet Security is its parental control that protects a child’s eyes from accidentally viewing inappropriate content. When a person enters a URL into the address bar, it is given a security rank automatically by the suite and uses these rankings in order to filter such websites. One can configure the security settings as to what can be allowed and what has to be blocked. One can even set a timer on certain websites after which it is disengaged automatically. Therefore with the amount of trash floating around the World Wide Web, it is good to invest in such parental controls to safeguard one’s child.

Bitdefender Internet Security - Parental Control

Just like its three level defense system, this software also has a free credit monitoring service for residents of US alone. It sends out alerts if any change is present on their credit accounts and this service is open 24/7.

Ease of Use

There is no problem about a user being a beginner or an expert hand in dealing with security issues as BitDefender Internet Security does most of the work by itself very efficiently. It also has two kinds of scans namely quick scans of targeted areas and deep system scan as well which take both time and resources of the computer. Another point in its favour that all three systems for which BitDefender Internet Security has been purchased, can be monitored from one computer, and this is a very clever, labour saving device.

BitDefender Internet Security - Main View

Help & Support

Very professional help is rendered to users of BitDefender Internet Security and there is a host of questions which have been answered online. If one is not satisfied with the answers, then one can call a 24/7 open line where a customer executive either online or on a live chat. One can visit its home website in order to read on security topics and even get RSS feeds into one’s mailbox from this website.


Begun as a small company in the year 2001 in Bucharest, Romania by Softwin, a private company, this has spread to all parts of the world including United States, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany. On comparison with other similar security products, BitDefender Internet Security has all components in a nice proportion. Some of its parental features have received world wide acclaim and its other features like antivirus, anti spyware, malware, Trojan protection and online backup facilities have taken this product to the top of the charts in terms of sales values.

As Softwin’s Chief Technology Officer, Bogdan Dumitru says, “We’ve given the home user product range a striking overhaul, offering sleek, silent defense from today’s e-threats. The new interface is very easy to use, and the addition of the optional Autopilot feature will meet the demands of those users looking for a hassle-free security experience,”. This meets all demands of people looking for a neat package to secure their system, clean it up after searching for virus and other malware from time to time and secure their electronic perimeter. One does not even have the headache of having to deal with each issue if he chooses that option when configuring his BitDefender Internet Security.

After all the Dacian Wolf of BitDefender Internet Security, is indeed a terrible nemesis to those who dare trespass its premises and try their hand at some ill-fated attempt.

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