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Facebook has brought a lot of major improvements such as timeline feature onto its social network platform. After successfully incorporating the timeline feature, Facebook is making a move to bring Facebook onto the desktop through its Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger has been rumored since several months ago and it was confirmed only couple of weeks ago after Facebook Messenger was leaked for trial to selected Facebook users.

Facebook messenger chat windows

Facebook messenger chat windows

First and foremost, how Facebook Messenger really works? First you need to be logged in to Facebook from your browser. If you already did, Facebook Messenger displays all of your online and offline friends and notifies us when there are friend requests or messages and it works pretty much similar to Outlook especially when there is notification. As this article is written, it still doesn’t support voice calling or video. These things should be implemented as soon as possible if Facebook wants to stay competitive.

Windows Live Messenger and AIM should be intimidated by the introduction of Facebook Messenger into the world of Instant Messenger. The reason is both competitors lack of authenticated identity which also shared by other Instant Messenger clients. Facebook Messenger on the other hand gets the ultimate upper hand (user authentication) which sets it in different league.

Facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger functions intuitively and simple. We can either float or to be snapped to the desktop’s right sidebar. The chat section is laid out to have tabbed interface but 1 thing for sure is it doesn’t emoticons just as yet.

Facebook Messenger looks clean and great. There are still more features that can be employed into it which can be done through automatic update. You can learn more about Facebook Messenger through this page.

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