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A Review of the Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 signifies a chief step up of the company’s move towards internet protection suites. The software security programming is essentially different from the preceding versions of antimalware and antivirus security software in general. The major part of the software is programmed by means of cloud computing. It basically means that a majority of these programs run through the internet instead of running on the client’s computer. This in turn triggers the twofold.

First and foremost, fewer resources are utilized therefore the negative consequence to the computers performance is negligible. Subsequently, it provides a greater potential to prevent the possibility of an attack to the clients computer within the cloud otherwise on the suites Network way before it gets to the clients PC. This technology isn’t new however since it has already been used by other highly ranked internet security software.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 provides a remarkable collection of useful functionalities apart from the malware protection feature. Some of these features include; parental controls, information theft prevention, a firewall booster for Windows among other features. A comprehensive report on these features is provided in ‘other Security related Features’ section. These additional features give the Trend Micro suite a competitive advantage in the internet security software market, and rank it among the best.


Generally, spyware is the most niggling malicious software that poses threats to internet security. These programs typically install themselves sneakily into your PC where it runs unnoticed within the background where it accumulates and transmits classified data in your PC. The Trend Micro suite performs a commendable task in thwarting the installation process of spyware programs and finds and removes spyware already running in your system. Browser cookies also perform functions similar to those performed by the spyware therefore providing additional support.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 interface

On installing the software on your PC, the program basically performs a couple of default virus and spyware control settings. These setting can be personalized according to the user’s desire. Unless the settings are modified, the software automatically scans for the availability of threats when the file is downloaded, opened or saved. On the same token, compressed file are scanned as well but they utilize extra system resources therefore the scan doesn’t occur automatically.

The user basically chooses to have a file deleted automatically if it exhibits any signs of having threats. Alternatively, the threat notification message will appear hence giving the user a chance to decide the cause of action which is ideal. Scheduled scans usually happen at specific times that are specified by a user while on the other hand the scans made while on demand are done at whatever time.


Basically, viruses are the most notorious threats to internet security. They are malicious software capable of infecting programs in your PC and cause innumerable damages. They can basically self replicate and can be pass on to other PCs that you are in contact with. The Trend Micro’s security suite provides remarkable protection from viruses and from other malware that include; worms, root kits, Trojan horses among others.

The antivirus setting of the Trend Micro’s security suite is quite similar to that of the spyware basic settings that are explained in the above section. The functionality is also discussed in detail in the Review section.


The preceding editions of Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security software usually consisted of stand-alone program for the firewall. Subsequent releases of the suite have however opted to program the software to enable it to optimize an integrated firewall that comes with the windows OS. These procedures incorporated two major technologies. The first technology is referred to as the Intrusion Detection Security, which offers protection for LAN related attacks and for packet and fragment intrusions.

Conversely, the other technology is known as Generic Stream Scanning that allows the software to scan and accept or eliminate packets on the basis of security protocols. This feature has the ability to be connected to Windows firewall with the configuration of either one of the firewall booster or firewall itself made entirely separate. This allows for the booster to remain active despite the user choosing to turn off the firewall.

Other Security related Features

Being a complete featured internet protection software, Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 proffers a mass of functionalities that a way beyond those offered by a standard virus protection software. The most prominent features offered include an incredible parental control feature. The feature provides parents with an opportunity to set the desired limits for their children on computer time. In addition to time limits, parents are able to limit access to selected websites and content depending on the Childs age.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security - Other settings

The software also contains an ‘unauthorized change prevention’ feature that prevents any alterations to the system settings by unauthorized persons. The software also has the capability of blocking and preventing automatic running of apprehensive activities on detachable devices. The software contains an antispam functionality that protects email accounts with the POP3 protocol.

In conclusion, the data theft protection feature is capable of protecting you from malicious persons like hackers from gaining insightful data such as credit card information.

Simplicity of Use

The Trend Micro protection suite is planned to be installed with no more manual configurations to be made. Logical default configurations for malware and spyware are made during the basic installation of the software. However the user can make modifications with ease to suite their preferences. Other features that need to be set like the parental controls are configured effortlessly since the software comes with an easy to use interface.

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 has security alerts that provide the user with information on the removed or blocked malware. It also keeps record of user behavior which is crucial when tracking children’s activities on the PC. The user interface is also user friendly equipped with graphical representations.

Help and Support

The support options offered by the Trend Micro’s security suite include; the website which provides technical support respond searchable in their knowledge based system as well as customer service, a helpful FAQs segment, installation and setup videos, online chats, and Email support. There is also the telephone support that requires subscribers to pay for the service.


Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 is a main upgrade over the already exceptional predecessor. The major setbacks of the suite being the missing tools in its antivirus feature that are present in the finest internet security software. It also requires features like the wireless network protection feature available in most top ranked products. In summary therefore, the suite is good but can do better.

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