Get Meebo on Your iPhone and Android


Meebo is a good online web messenger that I usually used in the good old days, back in university to bypass tight firewall. Basically Meebo allows you to connect with your friends on most major networks including MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk and ICQ. It’s been some time I never use Meebo and over the period of time, it has been adapting itself on today’s technological development and constantly evolves to stretch its reach to wider people.

Currently Meebo is available on T-Mobile G1 Android phone and the iPhone.

For Android phone, simply head over to the Android Market on your handset and search for “Meebo”! With Meebo on your Android phone, you don’t have to be worried about missing a message because it keeps track of your IM history.

For iPhone, it is much easier because no installation is necessary. Just go to and you are ready to connect to your friends. You’ll find an interface customized for the mobile browser where you can effortlessly flick through your buddies – the smart buddylist makes it easy to keep up with all your conversations.

About The Author

The author is the founder of He was brought up and is currently living in a small town at the northernmost of Malaysia.