How to add background in Microsoft Excel 2010


When doing a formal or official presentation using Microsoft Excel 2010, it looks much better if we could somehow make a “connection” between the audience and the presentation. Having background image (company logo for example) that is related to the presentation makes it looks truly professional and raises the attention of the audiences. Please note, the background is only visible for presentation and it will not show up when it is printed or saved as a web page, so you don’t have to be worried about the readability of the printed worksheets.

How to add background in Microsoft Excel 2010

1. Select the Page Layout tab and click on the background button.

2. Select the background of your choice.

3. Now you can see the image as a background in Excel. You can turn off the grid view for better clarity (the grid view is on the right side of the background button)

4. Deleting the background is simple. Just hit back the same button you use to add background (it’s a delete background button now).

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