How to retrieve lost password on Windows XP


It’s not quite common for us to forget the password you usually use in order to logon onto your Windows XP. However, when it happens it spells disaster, that’s for sure. This is particularly true when you need to get access to your Windows urgently especially when you are at the middle of doing something or you are racing against time to finish your work for tomorrow presentation.

Lost password

There are several methods that can be used to retrieve your lost password on Windows XP. The other methods sometimes require you to execute a small application in order to retrieve it but because do not what the application is actually doing apart from retrieving the password, I pass it (to be on the safe side). One particular way is by using the method I’m going to show you below. The process looks tedious but this method works like a charm.

The following is the tutorial on how to retrieve lost or forgotten password in Windows XP. I’m not sure whether the commands used will work on any other Windows platforms, but it does in Windows XP.

How to retrieve lost password on Windows XP

1. Restart your PC. Before your DOS loads up, press F8 to get into Windows through “safe mode” environment. Make sure you jot down all the information here.

2. You will notice there’s Administrator account appears on the user menu. Logon to Windows through the administrator account. It won’t request you for a password.

3. Go to Start menu and click on “run..” (Start>Run..) and type CMD.

4. At command prompt type in cd C:\Windows\System32 (assuming C is your drive where all Windows and system files reside).

5. Make a backup of your Logon.Scr file for safety purpose by typing in copy logon.scr Logon.bak.

6. After that type copy CMD.EXE logon.scr and choose Yes.

7. Finally type this following command to reset the password, net user administrator YourNewPass (assuming YourNewPass is your new password you want to change it to)

8. Restart your computer and logon with your new password.

Like I said, this process involves some steps where you need to spend some your worthy time on it. The best way to avoid this hassle again is by jotting down your password somewhere safe so that you can also always refer to.

Warning: This tutorial is meant to be used to retrieve your own password. It’s illegal to use this method to get into a PC or a laptop where you are not authorized to do so.
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