How to transfer bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome


With Chrome constantly evolves itself into a web browser that is as versatile as Firefox, we can see significant number of internet surfers have been switching to using Chrome instead of Firefox. When you decide to set Chrome as your default browser, one thing that you need to do is transferring all your bookmarks from Firefox into Chrome. Basically, first you need to export all your bookmarks into html file and the second part is when you need to make sure your Google Chrome is successful in importing the html file (the exported file).

Step-by-step to transfer bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome

1. With your Firefox browser opened, select “bookmark” from the top menu, and choose “Organized bookmarks…

2. With bookmark organizer window opened, select “Import and Backup” from the menu and choose “Export HMTL…

3. Save the html file that contains your bookmarks into a folder.

4. Firefox is no longer needed, you can close it. Now, you can open Google Chrome. Click on the Chrome’s control panel button on the top right hand of the brwoser. Select “Bookmark Manager“.

5. Select “Import Bookmarks…” from “Organize” drop down menu. Browse to the folder where you save your Firefox bookmarks previously.

6. If the import is successful, you should see all the imported bookmarks right away. That’s it!

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