Install fonts in Windows with a single right click


In order to install a new font, say for Photoshop editing or for whatever reason, we need to open Control Panel > Fonts and we need to copy & paste new fonts into the “Font Folder”. That’s how it works on Windows XP. This is not really a convenient process if you need to to do it on regular basis.

This post was written while I was using Windows XP and this small application is truly useful for Windows XP users. For Windows 7 users, this feature is already built into the Windows, so you don’t have to really use this application.

ClickFont is a small freeware that can help you to speed up the process by installing the font of your choice with only a single right click. By installing this little application, an Install Font entry will be available on the right-click menu whenever specific font related file extensions are selected.

ClickFont is specifically built to allow you easily install TrueType, PostScript and OpenType fonts on the fly. 1 question that some of you would ask is what make ClickFont differs from SendTo Folder? ClickFont essentially copy the font file onto the system folder as well as register it properly in your registry list.

According to 1 user report, it is said that this small application is causing the blue screen to the user’s PC which immediately restart the PC. Windows XP users, please let us know if you have information about this application.

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