Key features of iPad 2


Apple has dumbstruck the communication world with the release of newer version of iPad, iPad 2. The end customers can get to explore the newer business agility possibilities on their iPad in al new manner without any constraints at all. In order to sum up the highlighting features of new iPad the prospects should read through the following pointers:

  • Faster OS – iPad 2 is powered on new iOS4.3 which can handle several threads and tasks at the same time. The overall request-response time of the new iOS4.3 is faster and better than the earlier versions. The end users can juggle between apps, close them down or again re-start on the blink of an eye. As a result, the end users would be able to wrap up more work in shorter span of time. They can catch up with the business meetings, meet customers or catch up with their personal work on the move.
  • Dual Camera – The redefining feature of the new iPad is the enablement of the dual camera mode in its new design. The customers can leverage endlessly from the frontal and rear camera while conferencing with their business associates or acquaintances. The rear camera can record in HD mode at 720p and has 5x zoom too while the frontal is a standard VGA camera.
  • Sleeker Design – The new iPad is 0.34 inches in depth compared to its predecessor which was 0.50 inches. This makes it as one of the sleekest yet efficient device in market at the moment. It is one of the highly portable gadgets that can be flaunted by business professionals or students on the go.
  • Price Point – The Wi-Fi only version of iPad 2 starts from $499 and stretches up to $829 for Wi-Fi + 3G model. The overall price point seems to be competitive for an end consumer. They can end up buying it on EMI basis too if they are not comfortable on paying for it in one go. Several financial service providers are already planning to offer 0% EMI arrangements for their set of elite customers.
  • Powerful Chip – iPad 2 is powered on A5 chip set which makes the overall processing even much faster. It can handle various threads at the same time and boost the overall usability experience in just about no time. The end user can juggle between the work tasks on their new iPad 2 and reduce the cycle time too.
  • Battery Life – The new iPad can provide robust battery support of up to 10 hours in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G mode to the users. They can charge their device overnight and comprehensively use it to send mails, communicate with friends or business associates and even play music or videos too. It is one such complete gadget that addresses the needs of professionals on the go.

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