Kid Coloring & Kid Paint [Android app]: Coloring application for your kids


Kids can be difficult, and a great way to calm them down on rides home from the doctor or from the store is with various toys and games, coloring books could be one of the “methods” used. But rides home can be bumpy, so coloring with paper and pencil might be difficult, that’s where your Android smartphone comes into play.

Kid Coloring & Kid Paint is an application which can be found on the Android Market and it’s a worthy substitute for pen and paper. It comes with a lot of shapes which can be used in the coloring adventures, and if by any chance you have a tablet, there is also a tablet version of this coloring app, so you can use it there also. As the name suggests it this is not only a coloring application, it also supports painting, you can choose between these two mods. There are two color picker types, simple and more advanced, which gives you more colors to choose from. Saving the paintings and colorings is also possible, so that your young ones can share their work with others.

Stimulate the creativity of your little ones with this great coloring app. By using Kid Coloring & Kid Paint there is practically no chance that your kid will create a mess, so this is another good reason to try this application.

Download and information page: Kid Coloring & Kid Paint

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