LG 55LH90 LED HDTV review


LG 55LH90 is an exclusively stylish LED TV designed with color infusion which has been set as a new standard for home entertainment. This is an extraordinary TV that supports local dimming technology and it uses a full array of LED backlights for precisely controlling the picture quality which might result in wide color gamut, deeper blacks and smooth motion which portrays a more natural picture images.

Special features

This is surely an amazing TV with marvelous features. The basic option that convinces this fact is that it holds a THX certification which is considered as the confirmation about the LG 55LH90’s video excellence.

The Mega Contrast

The LG 55LH90 consists of advanced technology with the mega contrast ranging such as the 200,000 : 1 which offers complete control of the level of brightness, which offers amazing color and wonderful picture clarity, even during fast actions in movies scenes and sports. This also reduces to a considerable level the power consumption. The amazing LG technology is designed and built up to control over 240 levels of brightness which delivers 40 times greater contrast than any ordinary LCD HD TV.

Fast speed with TRU MOTION 240Hz

The TRUE MOTION 240Hz allows the user to enjoy the action in a movie or during your favorite sport or while playing our favorite action packed video game your TV will keep pace with your fast action filled entertainment. The LG 55LH90’s TruMotion 240Hz gives the audience a crystal clear detail about the moving scenes in the movies or in your sports. This unique and exclusive technology helps in capturing the fast moving images at lightning speed.

LG Full HD 1080p resolution

Full HD 1080p resolution enables you to enjoy double the quality over other standard HDTV with double the pixel resolution. This feature helps in viewing sharper images, with detailed clarity like never before. You will really enjoy watching a Blue Ray disc or playing Blue Ray video games in this awesome TV. It is a treat to your senses which allows you to see the details of images double as clear as the standard TVs because of the double resolution.

LGs Picture Wizard

The LGs Picture Wizard provides on-screen reference points for enhancing the picture clarity in basic elements such as the black, white, tint, color, vertical, horizontal sharpness with different backlight levels. The basic calibration disc is built in to the TV system for developing the expert picture quality. It contains the LG Picture Wizard that helps in adjusting the quality of the picture. This makes the controlling procedure and guidance program to easily navigate.

Invisible sound system

In an LG TV it is really difficult to spot the speakers that are built within. They are beautifully designed in a way that it is hidden from the normal eyes. It delivers a wide sound field spreading a rich audio sound to the surrounding.


LG 55LH90 offers an excellent back level performance with accurate picture and audio with plenty of connectivity provided for enhancing its performance. Awful TV that looks good on your wall!

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