Mylock: Lock tool for Android phones


MyLock is an application to replace the default unlocker on Android which consists of several features such as auto unlocking. Basically MyLock allows us to unlock our device in one single action – either by sliding open keypad, any key on the slideout keyboard (not side buttons) or power key. MyLock for Android is currently available in Android Market or you can simple visit the author’s site of this application and download it.

According to the author, the goal of myLock is to provide missing user-customization over the balance between key guarding, convenience, & overall security, as well as personalization options on the lock screen. This application was built by using android 2.0 enhancements and have it tested on Nexus One and Droid devices.

About The Author

The author is the founder of He was brought up and is currently living in a small town at the northernmost of Malaysia.