Norton Mobile Security: Keep your Android mobile device safer


Not only your computer, but also your mobile’s safety is vulnerable to threats and cybercrime attacks. However, now you need not worry as you can get the best protection with Norton Mobile Security from Symantec, especially if you use Android phone.

This software not only protects your phone when it is with you, but also when it has been stolen or lost. If you have lost your mobile, then you can lock or disable your device remotely with Norton Mobile Security, and thus it helps in protecting your data and privacy.

Once your phone is locked, no one can access your information even if the sim card is removed. Identity theft is another risk in such cases, but with the help of this software, the thief cannot use the confidential data stored in your mobile. You can easily delete the data before some can steal your identity.

Key features of Norton Mobile Security

The primary features include

  • Protecting your mobile from threats
  • Getting rid of unwanted sms or calls
  • Removing all the risks
  • Protecting the data stored in your mobile and preventing others to access that data
  • It provides you access to your data, even if your phone is lost and you can manage it remotely
  • It can easily lock your mobile device even if the sim card is taken away
  • It helps in erasing and deleting the unnecessary files, which affects your mobile’s performance
  • It scans your memory card and phone memory automatically and guard it against viruses and spyware
  • Installation is very easy
  • It is compatible with mobile devices running on Android 2 as well as later versions

What is the proper way of installing Norton Mobile Security?

The first thing you need to do is to explore the Android Market and search for Beta version of Norton Mobile Security. Once you have downloaded the application, you just have to hit the “Install” button and then follow the guidelines given by the setup wizard. After installing this application, you can leave the rest of the job to it.

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