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Usually big files with the size of more than 100MB need to be separated to smaller chunks, say 100MB each (for Rapidshare) where you need to download all of them before you can unzip the original ZIP file. Unfortunately, there are times where one or more of them get corrupt. When I first came across this problem I simply re-download the corrupt file; it’s not really a big deal if you have a high speed broadband connection but that’s not really the case when you only have the so-called “broadband connection” with the speed is just slightly better than dial up. There must be some kind of ways to save your day.

Object Fix Zip

Object Fix Zip

Object Fix Zip is a small utility that can be used to dispel your frustration where it allows the corrupt ZIP archive files to be recovered and repaired easily. How Object Fix Zip works anyway? Basically it identifies the corrupt file and attempts to reconstruct the file. After completing the reconstruction, the reconstructed data will be saved to a new ZIP file.

Even though it claims it can fix partially downloaded files, that is not really the case practically. In 1 instance I have one file with 98% completion before it comes at a stop. I tried to use Object Fix Zip to fix the problem but to no avail. If the downloaded file is partially completed, you still need to re-download the file.

That said, this recovery software manages to fix most corrupt files exactly as this company claims.

Object Fix Zip features

  • Fix damaged or ZIP archives
  • Able to retrieve files from ZIP files with CRC errors
  • Extracts multiple ZIP archives simultaneously
  • Supports most ZIP archive files
  • The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use to comprehend.
  • Supports all Windows versions (i.e. from Windows 95 to Windows 7)
  • It’s free!

If you download big files on regular basis, you may want to have this useful software in your possession. If a corrupt file can be saved, why bother to waste your time re-downloading the same file again? :)

Download link: Object Fix Zip
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