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Opera 10.5 is currently crowned the world’s fastest browser, beating all other big players in web browsing industry. According to Computerworld’s test run, Opera is almost 20 percent faster than Google Chrome and 15 percent faster than Safari (Windows). It is also twice faster than the latest Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6, over 8 times faster than Opera 10.10 and leaving Internet Explorer way behind.

Web browser Opera 10.5

Web browser Opera 10.5

Key features of the Opera browser

  • Security: The best security level amongst leading web browsers
  • Speed: For the time being, it is known as the “world’s fastest browser”
  • Opera Turbo: Load webpage much faster on a slow network
  • Customizable Speed Dial: Easily access favorite sites when a new tab is opened.
  • Opera Link: Sync your speed dial, notes, bookmarks and other useful data across all your devices on the fly

Latest Opera 10.5 features Carakan, a new revolutionary JavaScript rendering engine that boasts a new vector graphics library called Vega which in turn handles all graphics rendering in the web browser. According to Opera, Vega renders graphics roughly 3 times faster than the library utilised by the previous Opera 10.10. The incorporation of this new feature allows Opera 10.5 to easily take the top speed spot.

The release of Opera 10.5 coincides with the execution of new browser ballot screen on Internet Explorer in European region. For what it’s worth, the move by Microsoft is done after Microsoft was instructed to do so to prevent monopoly. This action will make easy for PC users to switch browser to other browser than Internet Explorer. As of now, Opera is holding 1.8 percent of the web browser market, way behind that Internet Explorer’s share.

Back to Opera 10.5, you should easily notice that it has a more refined interface with the traditional menu button is being replaced with the Opera menu button. Open new windows and tabs work the same as in the Google’s Chrome web browser. On top of that, it also displays Aero Peek, Jumplist and Windows 7 Aero Glass features.

For me, the best of all is the private browsing option that works a bit different from other web browsers. You can easily set your browsing experience to be private not in totally new windows but only at different tabs.

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