Popular VLC Media Player for Android just around the corner


VLC player is a popular open source media player that has almost every codec built into it, allowing almost media of different formats to be played on it. The VLC media player supports Xvid, Divx and Dolby True HD in addition to a lot of other video and audio formats. This robust and light media player is going to be available on Android in this coming weeks.

VLC Media Player had been ported to the iPad last September and then onto the iPhone and iPod several weeks later. According to Kempf, the lead developer for the VLC Android project warned the possibility of the player having issues in Android because of the various types of Android devices. Having said that, such problems will be gradually eliminated as the player receives new updates.

There’s no demo or any glimpse of VLC player on the Android, so it fuels intrigue among Android fans as to how will the user interact with it, where will everything be placed and whether this VLC player will appear similar to the iOS app. These are the things that will be revealed in these coming weeks.

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