Reminders iPhone App Review


Very soon, Apple will launch Reminders with the iOS 5 featuring full reminding, shopping list, to do list and task functionalities. This app will be featured natively in all new iPhone and iPad devices backed up by the new iCloud sync services. Quickly looking at the Reminders app, we can see that it is well designed and sharp even though it might seem quite basic for some users but this app is excellent for the casual users.

One of the main features of the Reminders app is that it will include GPS location information. Users will be able to set reminders to any specific location. As an example, it is possible to set a reminder to remind you to grab dinner when you are off from work and located in the proximity of the set restaurant. Another cool feature of the iOS 5 is that you can also check on your reminders on the iPhone’s Lock Screen which is due to the new notification center in the iOS 5.

For years, iPhone users have wanted a native reminder app and only recently Apple has created one. Currently, there must be hundreds if not thousands of shopping list, to do list, and reminder apps in the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. Sometimes it is frustrating to find the most appropriate app for our lifestyle and needs.

With Apple launching a Native Reminders app, this may be bad news for third party developers and their business plans. This is not only because the Reminders app will be cross device compatible but it will also be capable of syncing across iCloud and immediately cross-sync with any iOS device or any computer with iCal or Outlook connected through the iCloud platform. Apps such as Wunderlist, Notificant, OmniFocus, Things, Todo and more must now differentiate themselves with better or unique features if they want to stay in business.

Even though the Reminders app is capable to save due dates, there is some potential for third party developers to develop a more sophisticated project management or GTD app. You have to keep in mind that for now the Reminders app is still limited in features and this may not be adequate enough for busy people that require finer controls including categories, tags, attachments and projects. The introduction of the Reminders app is good since now third party developers will try their hardest to develop more sophisticated apps with more innovation and personalization for iDevices.

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