Samsung revealed entry-level Galaxy Ace Plus Smartphone


Samsung started its stride into the year 2012 by introducing the Galaxy Ace Plus, the enhanced version of its predecessor Galaxy Ace. This entry-level smartphone will fit perfectly for those who do not fancy to spend too much of their money on today’s essential communication device. The addition of Galaxy Ace Plus that has resemblance to the the first generation Apple’s iPhone may add fuel to the ongoing legal battles and patent disputes between Apple and Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Smartphone (front and back view)

How Galaxy Ace Plus differs from its predecessor?

Galaxy Ace Plus is a step-up of its predecessor but with most major features are almost the same to the Galaxy Ace. With hardly significant improvement being incorporated into Galaxy Ace Plus it is still considered as entry-level smartphone category.

  • Faster processor (800MHz upgraded 1 GHz)
  • Slightly larger screen (3.5-inch to 3.65-inch HVGA display)
  • Resolution remains at 320×480
  • RAM almost doubled from 278MB to 512MB
  • Internal memory boosted up 3GB from 158 MB
  • 1 300 mAh battery
  • HSDPA 7.2 Mbps connectivity
  • 5 MP rear camera with auto-focus along with LED flash

As far as the smartphone software is concerned, Galaxy Ace Plus runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and is equipped with the TouchWiz UI overlay to allow better and efficient handling of the mobile. Looking at the music feature, you are able to view your songs in folders. Galaxy Ace Plus also allows your to add unwanted callers to the blacklist log and rejects call when you are texting.

With Galaxy Ace Plus you can view and edit your Office documents while on the move. This is definitely a handy feature to those who need prompt access to their business or work documents while they are away from the workplace. This handy feature, ThinkFree allows you open and edit document such as Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint and many more.

Design wise, the handset is much more rounded as compared to the original one. Even though it’s slightly thinner to Galaxy Ace at 11.2mm, it weighs slightly heavier at 115 g.

How much it is priced?

The Galaxy Ace Plus will start hit the Russian market as early as January 2012 and will be gradually rolled out to other regions such Asia, Middle East, Africa, China, Europe, and Latin America. Even though the price is not yet to be revealed, we can safely assume that price will not differ much from the Galaxy Ace.

What to consider before buying?

The Galaxy Ace Plus is not a major upgrade to Galaxy Ace but still it’s a decent upgrade. The downsides of this new smartphone are the lack of ICS and its low resolution. Giving the fact that price will relatively low as compared to other high end smartphones, this probably is the best trade-off you could take up.

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