ShutdownGuard: Prevent applications from restart or shut down Windows


There are a lot of applications that can trigger your Windows to restart or shutdown, causing you lose unsaved work. This will definitely a sight you don’t want to face. In order to prevent this from happening, there is a small freeware that can do the job.

ShutdownGuard is a tiny application that can prevent apps to restart or shutdown your computer. So every time an application attempts to reboot your computer, there will be a notification popup that informs you that the restart and shutdown process has been interrupted by ShutdownGuard (applies for Windows Vista and Windows 7 whilst for Windows XP users, the notification will be in the system tray).

Even though this is a handy application, it cannot prevent Windows from shutting down or restarting all the times especially when other applications directly tell Windows to force shutdown. ShutdownGuard does not need administrator privileges and it can be placed within the startup list so that it can monitor right away every time your PC is started.

Download link: ShutdownGuard

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