Windows tips: Speed up file transfers between hard drive


Transferring big files from folder to folder or from one hard drive to another is quite common to all computer users. As the files grow in size, there’s a problem associated to this process. It usually slows down other process and to a certain extent, it might freeze the entire windows. I will personally wait until the process is done before engaging with other task; really hate when everything starts coming to a crawl.

While searching for tips regarding this thing, I came across two useful free softwares that can do the chore. They are not only doing the normal transfer, they also has the ability to pause the transfer process to free up system resources, speed up the transfer and are built such that they will not screw up the entire batch of files being transferred should there is one bad file during the transfer.

1. BurstCopy

Burst Copy

Basically, this program operates by taking full advantage of the DMA support provided by your hard-drive, and using dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. This will effectively reduce the time you spend waiting for files to transfer. It is a known fact that file transfers can slow down other applications that try to use the hard-drive.

Using BurstCopy’s pause and resume functions, you can temporarily suspend transfers, while your other programs get exclusive access to the hard-drive. This will for example be useful when you have a long transfer under way, and you need to start a large program. You could just pause the transfer while the program starts, and then resume it.

System Requirements

  • Supports Windows 98 / Windows Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • IDE hard-drive with DMA enabled (DMA Explained)
Download link: BurstCopy

2. TeraCopy


TeraCopy is quite similar to BurstCopy in every aspect. In the event of error, it will retry several times and in the worst case, it simply skips the files without terminating the entire transfer. This program comes with two version, free and pro. Suffice to say, the free version gets everything needed to ensure smooth transfer.

Download link: TeraCopy

You will notice there is significant difference of elapsed time when files transfered is big (in the region of Tera or slightly lower). The difference becomes more prominent when the batch files consist of small files (e.g pictures). Both programs do not require any advance knowledge, they are simply built to be used by everyone. If you are moving your files around frequently, these programs will come handy.

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