Speed up Windows 7: Ultimate guide to make Windows 7 faster


Are you bogged down by a slow computer when all you want to do is switch it on, work quickly on your laptop or PC and shut it down and head to the gym in not more than 5 minutes? Whatever your reason, being bogged down by a slow computer can be really frustration especially when you are pressed for time.

What is really taking time on your computer and slowing you down is the services that are continuously ongoing in the background. Windows 7 recommends that don’t mess with its Registry system but working on reducing your time twiddling your fingers means getting down and dirty with several aspects of your operating system.

Before you start the process though make sure you have some time in hand to adjust settings manually so that you don’t have to worry later when you switch on your computer to work quickly. If you don’t ensure you have time in your hands to make manual changes you will end up messing with the normal processes of your laptop making it worse than better.

There are three basic things you can do to speed up your Windows 7, one is to clean up disk errors every week. This will help your clear the errors that are invariably crop up in your system because of program crashes and power outages. You can also remove temporary files that get stored when you are looking at websites and even while working with other programs on your computer.

A third method to speed your computer is to optimize your data by running a disk defragmenter. You can also speed up your internet explorer by reducing webpage history. Other manual changes you can perform on your computer are to remove spyware and viruses and automate windows update.

Then there are ways to go on the Registry and speed up Windows 7 by changing taskbar thumbnail preview speed, shutdown time and using TOP6 Tweaking tools. You can manually speed up Window 7 for games, faster applications and file transfers. Even for a regular who cleans up all these aspects on his computer every once a week the process can in itself be time consuming, frustrating and impeding your pace of work. Which is why using an automatic security utility to do all of this is so much easier.

That is what the latest Kingsoft PC Doctor is designed to do. Kingsoft PC Doctor is your reliable support that provides constant real-time web protection that gives your updates on the security status of files you download keeping malware Trojan away from your computer. The all powerful malware and spyware removal scans your computer constantly to kill these computer pests and keep your computer running fast. Given that getting into your registry system by yourself can often debilitate the system Kingsoft PC Doctor has an automatic registry cleaner that does the job for you.

Kingsoft PC Doctor 3.0

Kingsoft PC Doctor also offers what manual speed ups don’t. It has excellent tune up utilities that speeds up booting and startup facilities. Other excellent features of Kingsoft PC Doctor are its vulnerability repair, windows cleaner, system repair, trace cleaner and plug-in cleaning facilities. With Kingsoft PC Doctor you never have to put up with a slow PC or painful manual speed up procedures, ever.

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