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Even though sushi originates from Japan, nowadays it can be eaten anywhere in the world. But if you are unfamiliar with sushi, it is basically a Japanese dish that consists of various seafood and cooked rice seasoned with vinegar. If you have not tried sushi yet, you must be aware that the seafood used in this dish is usually raw. This may sound weird for some people but I can assure you that it is quite a delicacy.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the various types of sushi available. There are countless of different sushi dishes with various names and ingredients. Sadly, unless you are fluent in Japanese or an avid fan of sushi, you are most likely to be confused for the various types of sushi. The Sushionary app for the iPhone basically helps you in this.

Sushionary basically lives up to its name and it is a complete sushi dictionary. You can search sushi with this app by type methods: by the name of the sushi or by its pictures. Simply tap on the Dictionary tab if you want to research a sushi by its name and tap on the Gallery tab if you want to check out its pictures. Both of the search methods are arranged in alphabetical order. One cool feature of the Dictionary is that it has a keyword search feature that allows you to narrow down your selections to any type of sushi that has tuna in it as an example.

There is an alphabet bar on the right side of the app if you wish to go straight to a certain alphabet. When you tap on a letter, it will expand to its specific page. On that page, you can see the Japanese name of the sushi in kanji and hiragana, plus its picture and some information about its ingredients and presentation. The Gallery is somewhat similar to the Dictionary but you use photographs of sushi to search instead of names. This feature is quite useful if you suddenly get a strange roll of sushi presented in front of you. Simply tap on the photograph to read more information about that specific sushi.

Most people love sushi but are not connoisseurs of it. Most cannot tell what type of seafood is on top of a certain roll or what ingredients you will find in a California Roll. You can download Sushionary at the App Store for just $0.99 and you will not be guessing what is on your plate whenever you go to a sushi restaurant ever again. This app was very well designed with a lot of crisp and clean photographs.

Maybe one additional feature that we could recommend is a pronunciation guide even though, to tell you the truth, Japanese words are not too difficult to say. Plus, a feature that allows users to upload new sushi dishes that they have found since nowadays fusion Japanese restaurants are popping up everywhere. Plus, about 25% of the proceeds will go straight to the Red Cross of Japan to help in the earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. This is a great app for sushi fans all over the world.

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