Test new Gmail functionality with Gmail Labs


Since I’ve been using Gmail more frequently lately, I started to make full use of all the advantages in Gmail to keep my inbox clean from spams. While doing the filtering, the “Labs” link at very end of settings menu caught my attention. Never aware of that, so I presumed it’s a new link. What’s interesting about Gmail Labs is it holds up add-ons that are not yet ready for prime time.

Currently there are 13 new features which are by default disabled and they can be enabled separately. Most of them look very useful. So here are several features that get my attention

1. 1-click access to any bookmarkable URL in Gmail
2. Friends’ profile pictures when you chat with them
3. Customize keyboard shortcut mappings
4. Mouse gestures
5. Random signature

In case something went wrong (function breaks Gmail), you can always use the following rescue link


which will effectively turn all the functions off. Play around with them and let Gmail knows what you think of the new features.

About The Author

The author is the founder of eches.net. He was brought up and is currently living in a small town at the northernmost of Malaysia.