The highlighting features of iOS 5


Gadget analysts, geeks, professionals and regular iOS users often cherish their buy decision in favor of an Apple device. They have a reason to rejoice more as Apple has announced the release of iOS 5 in fall of 2011.

In order to better understand its capabilities and features the following pointers should be referred:

  • Twitter Social Integration – The new iOS 5 from Apple will support Twitter streams and photo tagging features. The end users can click photos and directly post it on their social pages without need of any third party apps.
  • iMessage – With the new platform end users will be able to send free messages to other iOS users for free of cost without any hassles at all. The feature is absent altogether in other platforms such as Android.
  • Camera Button on Lock Screen – Enablement of camera shortcut on lock screen cam provide instant access to camera feature to the end users. The feature was most sought out for amongst the valued customers from across the globe. The camera feature will be used in a lot better manner after its enablement on the screen.
  • iCloud – Perhaps this is a core differentiating feature of the new OS. The users can store up to 5 GB of data and apps wirelessly. ICloud will automatically sync up data with all iOS held devices by the end users without any investment. The feature can be accessed by end users without any cost.
  • Notification Overhauling – Similar to Android interface, iOS 5 will enable central notification center for all apps and updates. This will make life of the end users a lot easier. These will be powered by menu driven interface that will be backed by lucid user interface to provide better usability options in just about no time at all.
  • Multitasking Capabilities – iOS has been known for multitasking features and the new iOS is all set to take it a level up. The end users will cherish using apps, interfaces and other features at the same time with minimal to no delay.
  • Split Keyboard – The new iOS 5 will support split keyboard feature on the devices on which it is installed.

Stay glued to iOS 5 updates on the official site of Apple as it is expected to hit the devices by fall of 2011. The solution can be downloaded for free of cost from the official source when it is available.

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