USB Protector: Remove Autorun virus from USB drives


Autorun feature was first introduced in the earliest Windows version, Windows 95. Its primary function is nothing more than to ensure average user has no difficulty to install a program when a CD is loaded onto a CD ROM. Even though this is handy, it is easily exploited by malicious malware to load themselves into our PCs and do unauthorized series of action. The widespread of this exploit has also been extending to USB or pen drive where we can see many PCs suffer from the infection of this method.

USB Protector is a simple yet effective tool that can prevent your PCs from loading malicious script from infecting your PCs. This is done by consistently monitoring in real time any changes from USB drives where pre-emptive measures will be taken should a malicious script is suspected.

USB protector is very easy to use. Once it’s installed, it will load automatically when your Windows reboots. The user interface of USB Protector is intuitive with minimum options.

If you have a removable USB device that is already connected to computer, you can scan the drive from any threats by using USB Protector. If your drive is clean, it returns nothing, but if your drive has something malicious, it will list down the suspected files.

USB Protector supports all latest Windows platform (i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7) and you are required to have .NET framework 3.0 installed for this little software to run properly.

Download link: USB Protector
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