Vizio XVT553SV LED LCD HDTV review


Vizio has been around for a long time and with their new LED TV, the will outclass the rest of the brands. It has great picture quality and the price is also affordable. A lot of us became surprised when the name Vizio came out on the top from the verdict. The Vizio XVT553SV might not be the thinnest and most good looking TV to look at in terms of stylish rounded curves, but the picture quality itself and the easy of using it makes up for everything else. The Vizio XVT553SV is the first TV from the company that is comparable to the other large companies such as LG, Sony and Samsung.


Nowadays people want features, they are not satisfied with just a TV, a lot more is needed. The Vizio XVT553SV also offers such features to beat the contenders. One of them is the VIA system, which offers Netflix, Vudu, video on demand and some other useful apps. There is of course Facebook, Wikipedia, eBay and many more. All these features are accessible through an easy to use navigation that is accessible from the bottom of the TV screen. It also features Wi-Fi wireless internet.

One significant thing about the Vizio XVT553SV is that its matte screen. It gives you superior image quality in well-lit room. The only drawback of the TV is that its 3 inches thick (without a stand). So it is ideal when you are placing it in an entertainment center with somewhat thicker pane.

The remote control, that comes with a build-in keyboard for quicker search or writing on Tweeter. The remote control has blue tooth so there is no need to worry about aiming directly at the TV.


Vizio XVT553SV exceeds in every way regarding the picture quality of black levels and color when compare to all other high end TVs. The TV features nine different picture presets that enable you to get most out of this amazing device without the hassle of spending time on picture settings.

The contrast ratio of this TV is a whopping 10,000,000:1, meaning the whitest of white and the blackest of black. The 240Hz refresh rate is on par with other major players. The TV has one negative thing that the response time is 5 ms which below average when compared with others.


The Vizio XVT553SV comes with five HDMI ports (four on the back and one in the front), an Ethernet port, basic component inputs and PC port at the back side of the TV. It also has 3 USB ports.

Help & support

The best thing about Vizio is that it has the best help & support when compared with other companies. They are always with throughout the online buying process and during shipping until the product reaches your home.


The ease of use and the vibrant color of the Vizio XVT553SV makes it the best LED TV experience that you definitely want. It saves you a lot of money through the price of little thicker display. For anyone and everyone, this TV is best offer at its price.

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