Web 2.0: The machine is us


When I first came across the “web 2.0” term, the thing that popped up into my mind is the evolutionary of radio communications technology that shifted from the first generation to the third generation (3G) (both look similiar even there’s no common features in many regards). Some people think Web 2.0 is another hype of stupid buzzword but for me it’s just another opinion or perception that is now reverberating across the world. For those who are new to this term, the following video might give you a better insight of what is meant by the so-called web 2.0.

My Take

Here’s the gist from this great video. Web 2.0 is actually revolution that we see in the internet especially how data is shared and collaborated. If we go back to the early age of the internet we can see that many webpages consist of static HTML documents. The information is disseminated to the public in 1-way communication. Readers may have something to add up to the content, opinion whether from average people or people with authority but the static page doesn’t allow reader to speak their mind. Basically there is no interaction in any forms that could be found back then.

With the introduction of WordPress and many other open source CMS, people are gaining access to create websites equipped with interaction facility that allow their readers to communicate through commenting system. If we go to a wider scope, the social bookmarking trends, wiki-based sites and video sharing portals have given greater opportunity to people across the world to collaborate through the internet.

This development has essentially created the internet world that can keep expanding in term of information at a very rapid pace. The two or three paragraphs that I wrote really don’t justice to really define what web 2.0 is exactly about but at least you get the idea what web 2.0 is about.

Even Tim O’Reilly, the person who coined the phrase giving out some examples (like the following) of what is meant by by web 2.0, there’s still no definitive definition of “Web 2.0”.

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