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The comment area in WordPress platform is by default set to “nofollow”. The reason is obvious; this is the best place for spammer to leave their spammy, unrelated links on your posts. Comment area is the best place for readers to throw up their opinion about certain issues. However, it also draws spammers attention and there is nothing that could stop.

Dofollow - Nofollow links

With “nofollow” tag in place, all links placed in the comment area will not be followed by search engine bots. So, those cheap links won’t be able to reap link juice from our precious posts. The way I see this problem, is that the nofollow tag will not effectively turn off spammer’s interest to bombard our comment area. In fact, there is no credible data show a nofollow tag can reduce spamming activities in WordPress-based sites.

That said, I decided to change the way my comment area operates by allowing nofollow links to be made available from my posts.

I just installed Follow URL plugin for this blog. This plugin will effectively remove the “rel=nofollow” tag from the comments you leave in every post; it means every link will be displayed and followed by search engines! The “rel=nofollow” is meant to prevent or somehow reduce spams but as this blog is fully protected by the Spam Karma plugin, I don’t see the need of having nofollow tag for each comment left in this blog. I’m just worried when previously Spam Karma gave false positive response to few innocent comments ;)

So by having this plugin in action, I hope this will give some incentives to regular visitors of this blog who take their time to leave comments. Feel free to comment whenever you have something to share with and reap the rewards :)

Follow URL plugin is not the only plugin that allows to share your link juice with your commentators. I don’t really keep up with other similar plugins but you can check the most recent and new plugins related to stripping nofollow tag through WordPress plugin repository.

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