3D Emoticons Pack for Windows Live Messenger (WLM)


3D Emoticons Pack revolutionizes the mundane look of Windows Live Messenger (WLM) chat rooms into more appealing and lively ones. The presence of bigger 3D emoticons give better graphical representation of our expressions, moods and feelings when we chat. Though it’s a bit an overstatement, you could feel how 3D Emoticons Pack has successfully fancy up your instant messaging chatting experience as compared to previously small static emoticons.

This Windows Live Messenger 3D Emoticons Pack is designed by Windows Live Messenger team based in France. It contains distinctive 3D graphic emoticons with shiny design that are ready to be used immediately after you start your conversations. Please note, it works in Windows Live Messenger 2009 only, so please be sure to upgrade your Messenger to the latest version.

As mentioned previously, you can download Windows Live Messenger 3D Emoticons Pack from this site. Please be patient while waiting for the flash animation to load. Once the loading is completed, click on the flash page where you will be directed to download area for 3D emoticons.

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