5 free Registry Cleaners to repair your system


If you are searching for free software to clean your computer registry, there are 5 advanced softwares designed to do the cleaning process, and cleans your system.

1. Comodo System Cleaner

The first system which we are going to see is the Comodo System Cleaner. This is an awesome software with advanced features and options for removing registry and make you system safe. This software scans each application and repairs the suspicious files and data. This disk cleaner is made with a special technology for safe deletion.

Comodo System Cleaner is available for free and one can get the free version online. Comodo System Cleaner is compatible with all windows OS and it requires less space. It has a beautiful compact screen with various controls and tools for disk cleaning. This software scans the entire disk, and deducts all the errors and erases it from the disks. It is specially made for deep cleaning and it can deduct small errors.

2. Win Mend Registry Defrag

Win Mend Registry Defrag is the other advanced software disk cleaning, which helps in rebuilding registry index and it does not interfere in any way whatsoever with any other settings in the system. Win Mend Registry Defrag scans the entire disk and removes all the unwanted entries and increase the speed of your system.

Mend Registry Defrag is the advanced and most reliable software in the world. This software is available in 5 different colors and it is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows 7 and XP. This software is available in 32 and 64 bit OS.

3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

The next software is Auslogics Registry Cleaner; this software is meant for the home users and it is one of the quick and reliable cleaner in the industry. This software scans registry entries and finds the missing files and folders. This software takes only two minutes to clean the disk and it has the capacity to scan 80,000 keys. This software will restore your PC into a new one. This software comes with a Window screen with various controls and tools, and helps the user to know about the threats in the system.

4. Eusing Free Registry Defrag

Eusing Free Registry Defrag is the other advanced disk cleaner and it helps the users to remove wasted spaces and fragments. It also identifies the gaps in the registry file and rectifies it. This software is powerful and one can clean the entire disk in one minute. Eusing Free Registry Defrag has good performance and it does not change the contents of the registry.

5. Registry Life

Last but not least is Registry Life. This is the best disk clean system for advanced registry cleaning and it repairs the entire errors in the registry. This software allows the user to check 10 problems at a time and it helps to compresses the entries in the registry.

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