Access your Gmail even when offline with Google Chrome plugin


Gmail users should be thankful to Google for making the Gmail accessible virtually almost every single second even when your internet connection is temporarily down. This features is realized with the presence of a Google Chrome plugin that will enable you to access your Gmail account offline.

Because this feature is developed by Google, it’s clear that the plugin will be incorporated exclusively in Google Chrome. The interface of this plugin is very much similar to the email client of Microsoft Outlook.

How to access Gmail offline?

Step 1. Go to Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome control panel (below close button) > Tools > Extensions

and install “Offline Gmail” application.

Offline Gmail application from Chrome Web Store

Step 2. When you hit the “Add to Chrome” button, it will prompt a confirmation box. Click “Install” to confirm and the installation should be completed right away.

Offline Gmail installation confirmation

Step 3. You will be asked to allow offline mail (recent) storage. By agreeing to it, your inbox mails will be synced on your PC. That’ it!

Google Mail Offline setting

Google Mail Offline interface

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