Aero Glass Effect on Windows XP with Fast Aero


The introduction of Windows Vista after Windows XP is really a big leap to Microsoft because it brought significant changes in term of visual interface, security and several other aspects. Even though it receives many criticisms from Windows users, Microsoft quickly responded and within 1 year and a half or less, they came up a more refined version of Windows Vista; Windows 7.

Windows Aero

Windows Aero is amongst the prominent and distinctive feature in Windows Vista that is not available in Windows XP. It is a set of interface enhancements which creates more dynamic user interface on Vista as compared to Windows XP. Windows Aero Glass is a subset of Windows Aero that creates translucency in all windows in Vista. Even though your computer might not have the requirements needed to have Windows Vista installed as your operating system, you can still have this cool effect on your Windows XP.

Fast Aero is a free small utility for Windows XP users to enjoy Aero Glass effect by adding transparency effect onto any prompts in Windows XP. Fast Aero is an *.exe file (standalone), so you don’t need to install it to have the glass effects.

Fast Aero in action

Fast Aero in action

Fast Aero settings

Fast Aero settings

By default, this program is in Polish. In order to change the language you can simply replace the word “Polish” with “English” in the config.ini file.

When we check the URL in January 2012 we found the previous URL was already dead. Now the link is updated to a new one. You can download it have the feel of Windows Vista @ Windows 7 on your Windows XP

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