Aliases: An anti-spam feature for Hotmail by Microsoft


Recently, Microsoft introduced a new feature that allows Hotmail account users to create and manage multiple email aliases from a single account. With the new aliasing feature rolled out, it becomes easy for us to use a different email address but enjoying all the benefits of Hotmail without having to change your primary email address.

Such feature is definitely handy to most of us because many people use more than one email to protect our primary email from being spammed and having several emails with different login information is definitely not a pleasant experience.

Here’s an example to illustrate the benefits of having this new feature.

Say for example you are searching for a house. There are a lot of websites that will email bid, prices, guides etc. Those things are definitely useful when you are still searching for it but you are done, these emails that you receive will certainly become a nuisance. With this anti spam feature, you can turn off the alias and you won’t receive any emails anymore from the associated email alias.

Anti-spam feature for Hotmail allow you to set a maximum of 15 aliases for your Hotmail account per year.


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