Alienware m14x laptop review


The famous company Dell has brought us a brand new gaming laptop Alienware m14x. Now let’s see the unique features of Alienware m14x.

Alienware m14x is small in size. Its previous version was 9 pound but this unique model has come with only 6.45 pounds. The size of its monitor is 14 inches in a comparison with 15.6 inches monitor of M15x. screen sensor system. You can’t enjoy system of full HD in your 15 inch laptop but you can enjoy this facility on Alienware m14x. Its panel of 1600 x 900 is offering the high quality resolution option. With this option, you can enjoy any high resolution video even though this is not a big issue for gaming or net surfing. With this capability, you can get rid of 1080p problem during watching high definition movie because it makes the fonts smaller which is very hard to watch.

Fresh hardware system

Think about this gorgeous addition. Right here, the 14-inch Alienware m14x has the benefit of appearing with modern, second-generation Central processors from Intel – all by using 4 cores as well as increased Turbo Lift (over clocking) features. In other words, they are both equally faster and much more useful provided with the M15x, resulting in improved all over general system performance. Moreover, Alienware m14x gives you a little bit more quick internal memory space (RAM) – 1600 MHz instead of 1333 MHz.

Video gaming graphics

The most important aspect with regard to video gaming is the graphics card. It sadly comes a little short of some of the long lasting M15x configurations with the Nvidia GTX 460M, whereas it is little bit quicker as compared with selected reproductions which has a single unit card.

Games and online video media are centric because of the Nvidia GT 555M, which is a similar card used in the high end Dell’s XPS 17.

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