Change the Boot Screen of Windows 7 with Windows 7 Boot Updater


Windows 7 Boot Updater is a freeware that let you change and customize Windows 7 boot screen when booting you computer. This software also let you customize the resume screen of your computer to look as the way that you want. You can change the color, element position and fonts with this simple editor.

Change how the screen look when you’re booting your computer by replacing it with custom image of your choice.

If you want to change to the default boot screen, just simply revert back any of your customization and it will change back the boot screen to the default state.

Friendly reminder: Please this tool at your own risk as modifying boot screens in wrong way might prevent Windows from booting.

Features Windows 7 Boot Updater

  • Customize the boot animation, background, text, and colors
  • Customize hibernation resume  screen.
  • Animated and images can be used
  • No additional programs needed
  • Idiot-proof  safety by having numerous check.
  • Automatic modified file backs-up
  • Instantly enabled.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 32/64 bit
Download link: Windows 7 Boot Updater

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