CourtFinder by Courts of the World iPhone App Review


Just like the name implies, Court Finder is a navigation app to help you find the closest public basketball court to play on. This app was developed by Belitz & Garthoff GbR and you can download it for just $0.99 at the App Store. You can use this app for your iPhone, iPad, or even iPod Touch.

Basketball fanatics have it hard for themselves since you cannot actually look up a basketball court location on the yellow pages whenever they want to play basketball. This is especially the case if you are new in town and wish to find the closest or the most exciting basketball courts to play.

You can ask any basketball player; they would rather be playing outdoors instead of indoors because there is always something more fulfilling being outside and inhaling fresh air. Court Finder is a very unique app since it fits in a certain niche. It can inform us on the amount of courts available within a specific radius of our location. This app can help us search for a basketball court anywhere on the map inside the United States or all over the world since a unique navigation system is built in to it. Within the app, users can toggle with the settings to toggle between the types of maps to choose from. Users have a choice between Satellite, Map or even a Hybrid. Plus you can choose between the types of unit in Kilometers or Miles.

One cool feature of this app is that you can add new basketball courts you have visited and save the information on a list of favorite basketball courts. There are also features to view lists of Recently Added, Best Rated and Most Viewed basketball courts. These features in the app lets users to visit and play on the highly rated or popular basketball courts to experience and judge them for themselves. As of now, Rucker Park located in New York City is the highest ranked basketball court in the United States. On the other hand, on the West Coast the Venice Beach basketball court sits in third place. To find a basketball court, simply enter your zip code and the app will automatically set pins all over the map to indicate the closest basketball courts.

Again, this app is only useful if you and your friends enjoy playing basketball. If you do not enjoy playing basketball there is very little point in buying the Court Finder app. But for the basketball aficionados, Court Finder can definitely help you find a public basketball where ever you are in the world. Even if you don’t have friends to play basketball with, simply find the most popular basketball courts in your area and you are bound to find people to play with.

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