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eScan Internet Security Suite 11 is one powerful protection software from MicroWorld Technologies. This online protective program possesses wonderful qualities that continually offer an outstanding outcome when it comes to spotting, preventing or putting off any online dangers. Besides being strong, the multifaceted security suite is also highly comprehensive and easy to manage.

eScan Internet Security Suite Review has several impressive new features that have helped enhance its functionality as a security software. These features comprise of file security, taciturn game style capability and a virtual keyboard. However, a notable upgrade with the eScan Internet Security 11 has got to be the latest UI or User Interface. This new look also integrates a stylish dock that encompasses the eScan Internet Security Suite for easier accessibility. Simplicity comes along with this software as anyone can quickly learn and comprehend how to use it. So not only does it represent style and security, but it is generally understandable.


Not many people pay much attention to the prevailing internet dangers, let alone know the difference amongst the various lingo used to define specific threats such as root kit, spyware, and many other form of anti-virus terminologies as far as they are concerned. Fortunately, software such as eScan internet security suite takes up the burden of dealing with these “terminologies” that are actual threats to ones identity, bank information, social security, amongst a whole lot more security needs. eScan Internet Security Suite 11 shields your system from the various viruses, browser hijackers, hackers and adware.

eScan Internet Security Suite 11 Anti Spyware

eScan Internet Security Suite 11 keeps your passwords and bank account information from key loggers who try to divulge peoples information via the keystroke as they type. The onscreen keyboard has rectified the situation somewhat, enabling surfers to enter their information directly onto the screen either using the mouse or for some computers, touch screen technology.

With on-demand scans at specific times, either once or twice a day, security is guaranteed considering the software utilizes white listing. Because of the scheduled security scans, the computer is kept updated and any sites that are flagged, representing them as safe files, do not undergo scanning again, thus simplifying and quicken the process at the same time. Furthermore, chances of files that may be corrupt are easily detected without any trying to pass off as legit and they are actually harmful.


eScan Internet Security Suite 11 is highly effective in virus protection, with several evidences to this effect. This protective software has functioned exceptionally having undergone numerous tests. The evidence of its amazing protective nature comes certified through VB100 certificates from VirusBulletin. Moreover, eScan has been compared to a number of outstanding online protective suites, having performed better in both reactive and proactive detection rates.

eScan Internet Security Suite antivirus

With its effective set of filters and quality scans, it holds old and new viruses and other malicious software at bay. Moreover, eScan Internet Security Suite shields your computer from malicious software that might enter through the USB drives and other external hardware. Whether it is software infection or a harmful program attempting to corrupt your hard drive, eScan blocks it automatically, and scans any device that is installed into the computer.

More to this, eScan can successfully remove a virus acquired using its inclusive toolkit. eScan has a compatible tool kit that capably eliminates any pending danger and corrects the effects of the viruses if any. The tool kit is quite handy as it can be shared with others who lack this software on their computers.


eScan Internet Security Suite 11 is firewall equipped, incorporated into the Windows OS which highly aids in protecting the computer from any damage or crush as a result of unforeseen network infiltration. This inbuilt firewall keeps tabs on all traffic, be it to the network or out of the network to ensure complete protection and keep the computer running smoothly.

eScan Internet Security Suite firewall

This software further assists the user by enabling him/her to lock any files or folders that may be regarded as important or valuable. Likewise, areas specified for lockdown from deletion and change as well as preventing malware infection are other key elements that protective suite undertakes.

Other Security/Features

eScan Internet Security Suite 11 has quite a number of features that promote its dependability. The gaming functionalities that are an upgrade, together with full screen movies and power presentations have helped enhance the software. eScan Internet Security Suite detects games and robotically does away with suspends warnings, leaving you with no worries of neglecting to switch on or off when on game mode.

eScan Internet Security Suite 11 works perfectly with laptops as it does not run the battery dry. When eScan Internet Security Suite 11detects low battery power, it suspends all scheduled scans and other intensive tasks until you re-plug. There are many advantages that one can source out of this security suite without sacrificing the laptops battery or security system.

An additional outstanding feature of eScan is privacy creations. Through parental control, eScan Internet Security Suite 11 has made it possible for parents to control what kids watch or read online through their customized parental controls. It enables you to conveniently determine who views what in your family.

Ease of Use

eScan Internet Security Suite is quite easy to operate and preserve. This security program is easily configured and can literally run itself, ensuring system protection with minimal human intervention. Operation of this software is further simplified by the high-tech user interface.

Help & Support

Consumers of this software can seek support via voice calls, e-mails or online submissions in case of any technical hitches. They can also log on to get assistance from live online sales and technical support agents. Moreover, there is a knowledgebase and user forums where users can obtain information on this software.

eScan Internet Security Suite 11 updates

Additionally, MicroWorld Technologies runs the eScan Wiki; a useful resource where users can access both additional information and technical support. The free remote support service gives them a market niche, boosting their competitiveness. It allows their representatives to solve the user’s problems online using other computers, thus saving time which would be wasted on phone.


eScan Internet Security Suite is a comprehensive security software with its efficient features designed to protect your computer from all types of hazards. Overall, eScan Internet Security Suite is the most reliable internet security suites in the market.

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