Download iTunes 10.5 with iCloud


With the debut of iOS 5, Apple has also released iTunes 10.5 to allow smooth upgrade of iOS in every Apple device. iTunes 10.5 has iCloud integrated into it, a big new feature that sets it apart from the previous version of iTunes. As many know, iCloud allows us to securely save almost everything (music, applications, book etc) from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into Apple cloud server.

The best part of iCloud service is that, say for example you have downloaded a song from your iPhone, the song will be synced with your other Apple devices such as iPad and iPod Touch (of course after the other devices are connected to iCloud service).

When you purchase a song or a book, iCloud will immediately store the purchase history. You can make a purchase and download from an iPad and later download it right away to your iPod Touch from iCloud. Apple allows great freedom by letting us choose manually what exactly to be transferred to other Apple devices instead of automatically download everything on your devices.

iTunes Match is another great feature of iTunes 10.5. It lets you store music you don’t purchase via iTunes. iTunes Match will find the exact match of the songs from huge iTunes database and add them to your library. Provided your songs are now residing in iCloud, you can even stream them right from the iCloud with exceptionally high quality playback 256 kbps AAC DRM even though the original songs are of lower quality. This is absolutely a fantastic feature. That being said it comes at USD 25 a year.

Download link: Apple iTunes 10.5

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