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I’m just very accustomed to these 3 media players (VLC player, Windows Media Player Classic and the default Windows Media Player) and I haven’t tried anything else for a very long time. The truth is that there are a bunch of players out there that may not be famous as the above mentioned players but are really worth a try. Jet Audio is one of those it just catches my attention when I flipped through

jetaudio basic

JetAudio is a feature rich, solid media player that works virtually with most popular audio and video formats plus it has interesting functionality.

JetAudio interface is nicely designed with the freedom of personal customization through a variety of skins (though not as much as Winamp has). When JetAudio is played, there is an extra bar that sits perfectly on the Windows taskbar which its primary function is to ensure that it will not be interrupting our other activities.

The program also offers elements that allows us to have a better experience enjoying the audio or video such as improving playback (cross fading between songs, sound effects and support for lyrics).

JetAudio also features a bunch of extra functions such as recording sound, ripping CDs, convert music files format as well as listening to online radio stations.

Download link: JetAudio 2011

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