Download Latest Messenger Plus!: Windows Live Messenger (WLM) extensions


Messenger Plus! Live is an add-on specifically built for Windows Live Messenger (WLM) that can add tons of extra features to the WLM. If you are about to spice up your WLM and bring it to the next level of excitement, Messenger Plus! Live is the right thing to install to further enhance overall user-experience.

Messenger Plus! has been operating since 2001 and the software is updated on regular basis (almost on monthly basis). When this article is updated, the latest version of Messenger Plus! is Messenger Plus! is absolutely free to use, you don’t have to worry about advertisement whatsoever, it’s purely freeware. There’s an embedded sponsor (optional) but you clearly got choice whether or not to install it.

Messenger Plus

Messenger Plus

Messenger Plus! Live 4.8 Features

  • Tabbed chats – Like you always do on your Firefox
  • Quick Texts – Text replacements: customizable and automatic messages
  • Custom Sounds- Sounds are synchronously played on both ends
  • Colors, commands and formatting – Spice up your text like in MIRC chat rooms
  • Recharge your Messenger – Effectively manage your conversations and contacts.
  • Personalized Status – Customize your status
  • Messenger Lock – Nobody can takes a peek on your conversation
  • Contacts on Desktop – Customize the status of any desired contacts on your desktop
  • HTML Chat Logging – Save your logs way much better than the original Messenger does
  • Emoticons and Winks – Preserve the emoticons as well
  • Log viewer – Sort out your logs by date and contact
  • Skinnable logs – Custom your logs with CSS
  • Contact List Clean up – No more repea contacts or old ones
  • Polygamy – one single way torun multiple Messenger chat sessions

Messenger Plus! Live is available in many languages including but no limited to English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Chinese Simplified, Estonian, Chinese Traditional and Dutch. In order to make sure Messenger Plus! Live 4.8 is fully operational, you need to run latest Windows Live Messenger which requires Windows XP or above (32-bit or 64-bit).

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