Download Opera 12 Beta Build 1076 [Codename Wahoo]


Opera team is currently working around the clock to complete the upcoming major release of Opera 12 that goes with the codename “Wahoo”. As this article is written, the current build is 1076. So what we can expect from the next Opera 12? According to a member of Opera team, Opera 12 will feature an improvement on the bookmark system where it will appear in the address bar of the browser. This ensures a bookmark can be added and removed on the fly by users.

Opera 12 Beta Build 1076 - Codename Wahoo

Apart from that, Opera team also upgraded the compiler on Mac platform, allowing a better Javascript performance on the OS. Interested users can have a look at the changelog provided by Opera team. Opera 12 Beta Build 1076 also includes fixes and addresses unintended behavior and other bugs.

Download Links: Windows | Mac | Linux

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