Download TrustPort Total Protection 2012 FREE license key


To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever heard about TrustPort Total Protection 2012 but a quick look on the internet, gave me a lot of reading stuffs that highly recommend of using TrustPort Total Protection 2012 in order to protect your online activities and your PC from malicious virus and malware.

TrustPort Total Protection that uses AVG engine is normally priced at EUR 49.95 for 1 year but currently they offer home PC user a chance to grab a free license (1 year) of TrustPort Total Protection 2012.

How to get TrustPort Total Protection 2012 FREE license key?

In order to grab the free license key, you are invited to complete a game created by them. If you are able to accomplish the game (it’s pretty easy), then you are entitled to win 1 year free license of TrustPort Total Protection 2012. Here’s the simple steps to win the simple contest.

1. Visit the promotional page (game page)
2. Click on “Play Now on our web“.
3. Enter your nickname and a valid email address and click the login button. Make sure the email is valid because details will be sent there.
4. Proceed with further instruction.

5. After completing the game, you just need to click on the unlocked button (green). By then, you should receive the download link and license key. Please bear in mind, the security suite is 252 MB in size.

I’m not sure how long this offer lasts but if the the giveaway is already expired you may still want to visit the official page of TrustPort Total Protection where you may be presented with new exciting promotions.

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