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Microsoft continues to give regular update to its theme gallery by the addition of several more theme sets which I will cover in this post and in a couple more posts. One of the latest themes addition is the Tropical Fish Windows theme.

For those who has little to no knowledge about what tropical fish are, it is basically fish that are found in tropical environments from all around the world; both salt water and freshwater. Normally tropical fish are popular among people and are usually kept in aquarium mainly because of their bright color. This bright coloration as far as freshwater fish are concerned is derived from iridescence, whilst for salt water fish is due to pigmentation.

Tropical Fish Windows theme contains 9 high resolution wallpapers featuring crystal clear close-up of tropical fish as well as coral reefs.

Tropical fish wallpaper 1

Tropical fish wallpaper 2

Tropical fish wallpaper 3

Download link: Tropical Fish

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