Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 with VoIP service


Windows Live Messenger was earlier on known as MSN Messenger. The significant improvements in Windows Live Messenger is it allows you to share folders and files with your peers. Windows Live Messenger is not only equipped with full range of chat features including video chatting but it is also equipped with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which allows you to call any mobile phone or landline numbers for a small charge. While everything seems complete as far as the communication features are concerned, Windows Live Messenger doesn’t allow incoming call.

Windows Live Messenger has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. You can chat with your online buddies on the fly and it lets you to setup online conference easily. Windows Live Messenger is not all about connecting with your peers within Windows Live Messenger network only but you can also communicate with people that use Yahoo Messenger. The video chatting features of Windows Live Messenger are brilliant as anticipated with real-time video chatting as soon as your webcam is properly setup.

With regards to Windows Live Messenger customization you can easily choose a color for the Windows Live Messenger with wide range of themes that can be choose from. If you are new to Windows Live Messenger; no worries. Windows Live Messenger offers complete FAQ pages and knowledgebase that can help you understand better and make full use of Windows Live Messenger. While you cannot ring them for support, you have the option to contact them online.

Pros of Windows Live Messenger

  • File and folder sharing options are the best
  • VoIP for calling any phone for a small fee
  • Chat with friends using Yahoo Messenger
  • Improved security
  • Real time video chatting features

Cons of Windows Live Messenger

  • Does not allow incoming calls
  • Obtrusive advertisements

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