Export iTunes Playlist to Any Player with iExporter


After getting my new iPhone 3G 16 GB couple of months ago, iTunes has become my primary digital media manager. As a versatile digital media manager, iTunes has everything except it doesn’t have an option to export its playlists. The absence of the export feature is well anticipated from Apple who loves to exert total dominance over its wide range of products (hardware and software).

Luckily, iExporter exists to fill in the gap. Basically this small c# application allows you to export iTunes playlists to any other location so you can have your iTunes playlists available on any other device like usb stick, sd card, mp3 player or even any media player in your computer.

Note: For the time being, iExporter only exports native mp3 files because most other media devices do not support the native iTunes files.

About The Author

The author is the founder of eches.net. He was brought up and is currently living in a small town at the northernmost of Malaysia.