Files Terminator: Delete files permanently


Files Terminator is a freeware that specially developed to delete virtually anything in your PC permanently, thus allowing more free space to be available for your use. As we already know files that we empty from recycle bin are not permanently deleted and can be recovered by using special software such as iCare Undelete. This will raise security concern to PC users who intend to delete sensitive data from their PCs.

File Terminator interface

In order to make sure files deleted by using Files Terminator is not recoverable, this software uses several shredding methods such as one pass Pseudorandom, Russian GOST P50739 2 pass-95, British HMG IS5, 7 VSITR Germanic past, 3-pass U.S. DoD 5220.22M, Canadian RCPM TSSIT OPS-II, the 35-pass Peter Gutmann and Bruce Schneier.

Files Terminator is available in 2 versions; portable and setup (installed in your PC). It can be downloaded from the download link at the end of this post.

Files Terminator features

  • Very intuitive and simple interface
  • Delete files permanently (not recoverable)
  • Multi-lingual freeware
  • Keep your privacy intact
Download link: Files Terminator

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