FREE full version of DivX Plus Pro 8 for download


DivX Plus Pro 8 is a complete suite of media player which includes Divx Plus Converter (a converter), DivX Plus Player (desktop player), Divx Plus Web Player (a web player) along with a complete codec pack. DivX Plus Pro 8 is normally sold at $19.99 however is currently running a promotional offer which allows you to download DivX Plus Pro 8 for FREE.

With DivX Plus Pro 8 you can play and create DivX, MKV, and AVI formats on your computer and even in your web browser. Apart from that, DivX video also allows you to play movies on other devices such as DVD players, the PlayStation 3 and mobile phones. Like many other media players, DivX Plus Pro 8 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP.

The promotion is valid until November 4 2011 but don’t procrastinate. Grab it fast and enjoy movies with DivX Plus Pro 8.

How to Grab DivX Plus Pro 8 for Free?

1. Visit the promotional page (promotion expired).
2. Click the “Download Now” button and make sure to enter a valid email adddress when completing the installation.

Promotion link: FREE DivX Plus Pro 8 (promotion expired)

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