Gmail introduces desktop notification for chat messages and email


A new HTML 5 powered desktop notification for chat messages and email was officially introduced by Gmail. In order to enjoy the full benefits of it, you need to switch your browser to Google Chrome to use this notification. By using Google Chrome, it allows Gmail to display popup notifications through a nice HTML 5 on your desktop when you have an email or new chat messages.

The introduction of desktop notification would definitely be a great news for Google chrome users because they are no longer need to go to the Gmail account window to check whether they got new messages. On top of that you won’t miss your important chat conversations too because new chat message will appear in the pop-up window even if your Gmail window is not opened. It is worth to note that at this time, Gmail Desktop Notification doesn’t work in other popular browsers like IE, Firefox and Safari. Having said that, Google announced that they will make this feature available on other web platform.

How to setup your Gmail Desktop Notification for Chat Messages and Email

1. In your Gmail account, click on the Settings link in the top right corner then scroll down to the “Desktop Notifications” section.
2. Now you should see 2 option; New Mail notification and Chat notifications. You can set both or either one to be active.

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